Gross-Rosen Memorial Tour

Join our memorable tour to the Gross-Rosen Memorial situated outside the village of Rogoznica, 60 km away from Wroclaw. Stuck behind the Iron Curtain for 60 years and hard to reach, it is less well known than Dachau or Auschwitz. However, during World War Two the Gross-Rosen concentration camp was a place in which over 40,000 abused prisoners perished. 

Gross-Rosen (as it was called in German), was the main center of the Nazi concentration camp system of Lower Silesia during World War Two. It was set up in the summer of 1940 as a satellite camp to Sachsenhausen, and became an independent camp in 1941. Initially, work was carried out in the camp's huge stone quarry. As the complex grew, many inmates were put to work in the construction of the subcamps' facilities. Gross-Rosen was known for its brutal treatment especially in the stone quarry. Due to a change of policy in August 1942, prisoners were likely to survive longer because they were needed as slave workers in German industries.  The largest population of inmates were Jews, initially from the Dachau and Sachsenhausen camps, and later from Buchenwald. During the camp's existence, the Jewish inmate population came mainly from Poland and Hungary; others were from Belgium, France, Netherlands, Greece, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, and Italy.

At its peak activity in 1944, the Gross-Rosen complex had up to sixty subcamps located in eastern Germany and occupied Poland. In its final stage, the population of the Gross-Rosen camps accounted for 11% of the total inmates in Nazi concentration camps at that time. The camp was captured on February 14, 1945, by the Red Army. Gross-Rosen’s terrible history continued after 1945 as the Soviet occupiers took it over for a few more years to house their political enemies.

During your visit to the memorial and museum your guide brings the experience to life with much detail and emotion. Don't miss an opportunity to reflect on the tragic history of this place..

AVAILIBILITY:  Our tours are usually available daily throughout a year except some public holidays. Reservation is required.

DURATION:  5 hours (subject to weather and road conditions)

DEPARTURE TIME: Between 9.00am and 10.00am

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PRICE: Includes transport, English speaking guide service, documentary, guided tour of the museum, refreshments, accident insurance.

Discounts apply to students (valid student card required) and groups of minimum 4 people.

TOUR PRICE (per person) EUR PLN
Normal 70 300
Discount 60 260

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum number of 2 people is required on a tour. For groups of 1-2 people the total tour fee is 160 EUR (690 PLN).

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  • Wroclaw
  • Rogoznica
  • Gross Rosen Museum
  • Wroclaw

Total distance covered: 120 km


  • Visit Lower Silesia's largest WWII concentration camp
  • Reflect on prisoners' stories of despair, hope and human nature
  • See the camps' relics including the stone quarry
  • Pay respect to  40,000 prisoners who perished in Gross-Rosen



  1. Wroclaw
  2. Gross Rosen Museum