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Experience Wrocław's extraordinary transformation from one of the most destroyed cities in Europe during World War II, Poland's centre of social realist architecture after the war, to a popular tourist destination today. The tour is operated on board of a minibus and features live commentary of a driver-guide. You will be able to see many places most tours don't reach and compare how they changed throughout years by viewing unique photographs of pre-war Wrocław.

The tour starts in the Old Town and continues along the moat to the memorial of the burned synagogue destroyed by the Nazis during the Kristallnacht in 1938. Next, we head towards an area that sustained the most damage as a result of the siege by the Soviet Army in 1945. After the war in communist Poland it was turned into a district of high-rise apartment buildings. Recently however it has been transformed into a business centre. The main landmark here is the Sky Tower (one of Poland's tallest buildings). The itinerary in the next part includes Villa Colonia (the house where the German commander of Breslau surrendered to the Russsians on 6th of May 1945), WW II Russian officers' cemetery and memorial,  Old Jewish Cemetery, Main Railway Station, the Olawskie Suburb (featured in many films dedicated to European history including Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies), Grunwaldzki Square (pre-war residential area converted into an airfield by the Nazis and afterwards developed for residential, academic and business purposes).

Also, a special stop will be arranged at the Centennial Hall and its surrounding area. Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for its daring modernist design and architecture. Built in 1913, immediately it became a landmark of Wroclaw and attracts thousands of visitors for numerous events. The hall can be viewed inside at an extra charge (subject to availability). We will also take a stroll around the surrounding Szczytnicki Park with a Japanese Garden and Music Fountain (shows available to the public on the full hours everyday between May and October). The itinerary includes also well-preserved and meticulously restored artistic neighbourhood of Nadodrze known for street art, popular cafes and parks. The tour by-passes the Cathedral on Ostrow Tumski, University and ends by the Market Square. At request it is also possible to arrange a viewing of the famous Panorama of Raclawice (subject to availability).


DEPARTURE: Pick up time and place to be arranged suitably by prior arrangement.

DURATION: 2 - 2.5 hours 

FOOD AND DRINK: There will be one coffee stop halfway through the tour. It is not included in the price.

TYPE OF TOUR: minibus and some walking

VEHICLE: 9-seater minibus (A/C, extra luggage room)

PRICE[*]:  Normal: [25 EUR / 110 PLN], Reduced: [20 EUR / 85 PLN]

[*] Please note that this tour is a minimum of 3 people otherwise the price is 75 EUR / 320 PLN for a private tour.

Reduced tickets are offered to children under 12 years old and groups of a minimum four people.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: transportation, English speaking guide, parking fees, refreshments


1) credit card online (by clicking on BOOK NOW and following instructions). Please note that a transaction fee of 2.60 EUR applies for this type of payment.

2) cash collected by a guide/member of staff on beginning of the tour

Reservation is required! Please check availability prior to booking.

In order to speed up your booking / enquiry when contacting us please provide your name, possible tour dates, number of people and pick up details in Wroclaw.  Contact us via email, mobile, text or what's up.

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Podwale (Police Department HQ, Old Court House) - Lakowa (Memorial to the destroyed New Synagogue) - Renoma Department Store (former Wertheim) - Sky Tower - Villa Colonia - WW II Russian cemetery - Old Jewish Cemetery - Bus Station - Main Railway Station - Bermuda Triangle -  Pl. Grunwaldzki - Centennial Hall - Szczytnicki Park - Nadodrze  - Wroclaw University - Kazimierza Wielkiego



  • Most comprehensive tour in Wroclaw featuring live commentary
  • Discover important historcal sights and modern buildings outside the Old Town
  • Visit a typical pre-war housing district from the early 1900's
  • Drive through Grunwaldzki Square, the site of the Nazi military airfield from 1945 turned into a modern academic and business centre
  • Visit the Centennial Hall, a spectacular landmark of modernist architecture featured on the World Heritage List
  • Enjoy a fountain show of water, music and lights



  1. Pl. Dominikanski
  2. Renoma Department Store
  3. Destroyed New Synagogue
  4. Sky Tower
  5. Villa Colonia
  6. WWII Russian Cemetery
  7. Old Jewish Cemetery
  8. Bus Station
  9. Main Railway Station
  10. Miernicza St. (Bermuda Triangle)
  11. Grunwaldzki Bridge
  12. Grunwaldzki Square
  13. Technical University
  14. ZOO
  15. Centennial Hall
  16. WuWa 1920s housing exhibition
  17. University of Medicine
  18. Edith Stein's birth house
  19. Nadodrze
  20. Finish point